About Us

It's simple.  My whole life is about my home and being with the family in it.  I am a stay at home mom and this IS what I do.  It was easy to come up with the shop name:  Simple: Home & Family

Like most families, our home is our sanctuary. We are not an on the go family, we are definitely homebodies, so I try to make our home what I feel everyone under this roof would be comfortable in.  Of course, I have to love it too, so our home is peppered with things I put my personal spin on or have made with my own two hands.  I hope that when my children are grown, they can look back, come back and always feel the comfort that I try to provide them (and maybe take and use these things in their own homes).

 It's these very small, very simple things that make our house a home that I am happy to be able to make with these two hands and hopefully share with you.

Quality Handmade, Home Decor from Our Home to Yours
Welcome to Simple Home and Family